Loyalty Program

Extra Discounts for Regular Shoppers

We are well-known for offering our closeout merchandise at below retail cost everyday--but that's not where we stop. Many of our customers also enjoy extra discounts on all of their purchases, just for being frequent shoppers. Our Loyalty Customers save an extra 2% to 10% off every time they shop. No membership fees or coupons required!

Any customer can join our Loyalty Program by signing up with their name, email, or mobile phone number when they visit the store for the first time. By creating an account you will receive our free email and/or text alerts every Friday with our new inventory, promotions, and event updates. It also keeps track of your purchase history, making returns and exchanges with a receipt easy!

As soon as you sign up, you'll receive 1 Loyalty Point for every $1 spent on retail purchases. Below is a chart of the points levels and the discounts applied to your entire transaction purchase.

Bronze Level - 250 Points - 2% discount
Silver Level - 500 Points - 5% discount
Gold Level - 750 Points - 8% discount
Platinum Level - 1000 Points - 10% discount


Once customers reach Platinum level, we like to snap a photo for our Platinum customer wall!

Customers much also have at least one form of contact information on file in order to have points calculated. Points do not reset, but may decrease if you return items. Make sure to give your name or phone number when you checkout to ensure your points are being applied to each transactions.

Because Points are calculated automatically through our cash register system, currently we can only access how many points each customer has while they're in the store. However, we are working on a way to make them accessible to customers anywhere.

We are also working on offering free customer key tags with bar codes for faster checkout! If you would like to get one of the key tags, simply fill out this form with your address and updated email or phone number:

button to sign up for key tag

Check your email or ask in store to learn when out customer key tags are available!



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