Febreze Essentials 3/12.5 Oz 2 Lavender & Eucalyptus/1 Vetiver & Vanilla

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Product Description

  • Lavender & Eucalyptus Upc# 037000291671

  • Vetiver & Vanilla Upc# 037000291954

  • In with the good, out with the stinks: Febreze Essentials Fabric Refresher freshens fabrics with no artificial fragrances or dyes. The fabric odor eliminator combines the soothing effects of botanical scents with the science of Febreze to give fabrics an invigorating refresh. Made with real essential oils, carefully selected ingredients and no artificial fragrances, dyes, phthalates, or formaldehyde you can spray confidently knowing it s safe to use around your family and pets. Indulge your senses with real lavender sourced from Provence and the cleansing scent of eucalyptus. And usher in the warmth of real vetiver expertly blended with the authentic scent of vanilla. Just spray on fabrics until damp, let dry, and breathe in the serenity with every sniff. Use as a quick deodorizer on curtains, throw pillows, linens any hard-to-wash fabric that could use some scent-therapy.

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