I'M A GIRLY Jasmine 18" Fashion Doll with Brunette Curly Interchangeable Wig to Style

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Product Description

  • You cannot miss I'M A GIRLY fashion doll Jasmine! With her dark curly hair she catches everybody's attention right away. The full-time dreamer that adores everything that glitters is 18 inches (approx. 48 cm) tall. Want to change her style? Not a problem with interchangeable wigs by I'M A GIRLY. You can even cut Jasmine's hair! Wait what?? Yes! Dare to cut her hair and simply exchange the wig afterwards if you want her to have long hair again. Perfect gift for girls to enjoy customizing dolls.

  • Feel extra creative? Turn the packaging into a wardrobe for I'M A GIRLY Jasmine.

  • Includes I'M A GIRLY fashion doll Jasmine, a long purple dress, silver sandals.

  • CUT, STYLE & CHANGE HAIR: Dreamer Jasmine’s realistic dark hair is ready to be cut and styled for the ultimate playtime experience. Even better, the hair is interchangeable so you can be creative without fear of permanently messing up your doll’s hair.

  • STYLE & PLAY: This doll offers the best of all worlds. She is a best friend, favorite toy, and a fun styling activity for our creative youngsters. Jasmine comes with a full outfit; long purple dress and silver sandals.

  • ONGOING FUN: More accessories and wigs can be purchased separately so you can keep on cutting and styling as much as you would like. You won’t have to worry about permanently messing up your doll’s look.

  • HIGH QUALITY: These high-quality dolls are here to last. Interchangeable wigs and accessories – our product will entertain for a long time! Comes with reusable packaging that becomes a wardrobe to store all your doll’s accessories and outfits.

  • EMPOWERING: Created by KIDS4KIDS. All of our products are created by 8 to 14-year-old boys and girls. Join the community and share your designs with the brand and get featured.

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