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Larry Llama White Developmental Plush Tummy Time Pal 6/Case

SKU: 18482
$4.00 per unit
$24.00 per case

6 unit(s) in each case

Sold by the CASE

25 qty available

  • Engaging and Developmental Design: The Larry Llama White Developmental Plush Tummy Time Pal is designed to engage and stimulate your baby's senses and promote their development. The plush toy features vibrant colors, different textures, and interactive elements like crinkly ears and a squeaker, providing sensory exploration and encouraging fine motor skills.
  • Tummy Time Support: This plush toy is specifically designed to assist in tummy time activities. It features a supportive pillow that helps prop up your baby during tummy time, providing them with a comfortable and secure position. Tummy time helps strengthen their neck, shoulder, and arm muscles, aiding in their overall physical development.
  • Soft and Safe Materials: The Larry Llama Tummy Time Pal is made from soft and baby-friendly materials, ensuring it is safe for your little one to play with and snuggle. The plush fabric is gentle against their delicate skin, while the stuffing is hypoallergenic and free from harmful substances, providing peace of mind for parents.
  • Portable and Easy to Clean: This tummy time pal is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to take on the go. Whether you're visiting family or going for a playdate, you can easily bring along this developmental toy to keep your baby entertained and engaged. Plus, it is machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning after playtime or tummy time sessions.
  • Adorable and Huggable Design: The Larry Llama Tummy Time Pal features an adorable and huggable llama design that is sure to capture your baby's heart. With its friendly face and soft, cuddly body, this plush toy becomes a beloved companion for your little one, providing comfort and companionship as they explore and grow.

Product type: All / Saleable / Baby Supplies

Sold by the: Case

SKU: 18482

UPC: 085214125954

Case height (in.): 0.0

Case width (in.): 0.0

Case length (in.): 0.0

Case weight (lb.): 0.0

Expiration Date: n/a

Units per case: 6

Units per display: n/a

Cases per layer: 4

Layers per pallet: 5

Displays per pallet: n/a

Total cases per pallet: 20

Total units per pallet: 120