Rescue Tales Walk N' Wiggle Daisy Remote Control Stuffed Animal

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Product Description

  • RESPONDS TO YOUR VOICE. Daisy responds to 10 unique voice commands such as "Let's Go", "I Love You" and "Time For Bed." Make sure to say "Daisy" before giving her a command.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL. Walk Daisy on or off leash. The remote control leash handle directs her movement and walks her forward, left and right.
  • SILLY DANCE MODE. Have silly fun with your new best friend and dance. dance, dance.
  • COMES TO YOU. When you give her the command, "Daisy, come here," Daisy will walk to you as long as you are standing in front of her.
  • HAPPY PUPPY SOUNDS. Pet Daisy and she makes happy puppy sounds, letting you know how much she loves you.
  • Includes: English Springer Spaniel plush, collar, leash and adoption certificate.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries in dog and two AAA batteries in remote control. Install fresh batteries after purchase.

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