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Saphirus Air Freshener 12/6.25 Oz Orange Lemon

SKU: 20267
$1.35 per unit
$16.20 per case

12 unit(s) in each case

Sold by the CASE

46 qty available

  • Zesty Orange Lemon Scent: Enjoy the vibrant and refreshing combination of zesty oranges and tangy lemons, creating an invigorating and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Long-Lasting Fragrance: Each 6.25 oz canister provides a lasting and consistent burst of the delightful orange lemon scent, ensuring your space remains inviting for an extended period.
  • Effortless Application: The Saphirus Air Freshener is designed for easy and convenient use, allowing you to quickly refresh your environment with a simple press.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a variety of settings, including homes, offices, kitchens, and more, making it a versatile air freshener option for multiple environments.

Product type: All / Saleable / Chemicals/ Cleaning Supplies

Sold by the: Case

SKU: 20267

UPC: 810063051518

Case height (in.): 0.0

Case width (in.): 0.0

Case length (in.): 0.0

Case weight (lb.): 0.0

Expiration Date: n/a

Units per case: 12

Units per display: n/a

Cases per layer: 24

Layers per pallet: 8

Displays per pallet: n/a

Total cases per pallet: 192

Total units per pallet: 2304