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Simply Essentials Essential Oil 12/.5Oz Be Calm

SKU: 19751
$1.10 per unit
$13.20 per case

12 unit(s) in each case

Sold by the CASE

24 qty available

  • Relaxing Essential Oil Blend: Be Calm is a specialized blend of essential oils designed to promote relaxation and tranquility. Crafted with precision, it combines the soothing properties of various oils to create a calming atmosphere.
  • Natural Aromatherapy: This essential oil blend offers the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Inhale its soothing aroma to reduce stress, relieve tension, and encourage a peaceful state of mind, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day.
  • Multi-Application Use: The Be Calm Essential Oil blend can be used in several ways. Diffuse it to fill your living space with a sense of calm, add it to your bath for a luxurious relaxation experience, or mix it with a carrier oil for a soothing massage.

Product type: All / Saleable / Health & Beauty

Sold by the: Case

SKU: 19751

UPC: 843283105068

Case height (in.): 0.0

Case width (in.): 0.0

Case length (in.): 0.0

Case weight (lb.): 0.0

Expiration Date: n/a

Units per case: 12

Units per display: n/a

Cases per layer: 40

Layers per pallet: 8

Displays per pallet: n/a

Total cases per pallet: 320

Total units per pallet: 3840