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Tresemme Color Revitalize Shampoo 6/28 Oz

SKU: 19392
$3.50 per unit
$21.00 per case

6 unit(s) in each case

Sold by the CASE

112 qty available

  • Color-Lock Technology: Tresemme Color Revitalize Shampoo is formulated with advanced Color-Lock Technology that helps maintain the vibrancy and richness of your hair color. It works to prevent fading, ensuring your hair color looks fresh and vibrant for longer.
  • Gentle Cleansing: This shampoo provides a gentle yet effective cleanse, removing impurities and excess oil from your hair without stripping away your color. It leaves your hair feeling clean and refreshed.
  • UV Filter: Tresemme Color Revitalize Shampoo is enriched with a UV filter that helps shield your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays and environmental factors. This added protection helps prevent color fading and damage caused by sun exposure.
  • Nourishing Formula: The shampoo contains nourishing ingredients that help keep your hair soft, smooth, and manageable. It moisturizes and hydrates your strands, leaving them looking healthy and glossy.
  • Safe for Color-Treated Hair: This shampoo is specifically designed for color-treated hair. It is gentle enough to use daily and won't compromise your hair color or cause it to fade prematurely. Instead, it helps you maintain the salon-fresh look you love.

Product type: All / Saleable / Health & Beauty

Sold by the: Case

SKU: 19392

UPC: 022400393636

Case height (in.): 0.0

Case width (in.): 0.0

Case length (in.): 0.0

Case weight (lb.): 0.0

Expiration Date: n/a

Units per case: 6

Units per display: n/a

Cases per layer: 28

Layers per pallet: 4

Displays per pallet: n/a

Total cases per pallet: 112

Total units per pallet: 672