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About Us

Warehouse filled with stacked pallets of name brand products - Wholesale & Liquidation Experts

Years of Experience

Over 10 years ago, Wholesale and Liquidation Experts began as a liquidation pallet and wholesale company. We specialize in buying closeout, discontinued, liquidated, short dated, brand mistake, and imported merchandise. We're based in Stockbridge, Georgia just south of Atlanta, where we cater to many local, national, and international customers, both big and small.

Retail store location - Wholesale & Liquidation Experts

Continued Growth

Starting in 2021, we changed our business model. We split our retail and wholesale operations into two separate brands to better focus on the different needs of our customers. Wholesale and Liquidation Experts remains our business-to-business company, while Matt's Warehouse Deals was formed to expand our direct-to-retail and small business channel. This change has given us the flexibility to provide better service and value to all of our customers.

Wholesale and Liquidation Experts team members

Relationship Focused

The key to Wholesale and Liquidation Experts has always been about people. Starting from our customer-focused approach to the team members that serve them and leading up to our suppliers. We believe in building strong relationships and developing respect for everyone along that chain. It's what continues to drive our success to this day.